A new way to enjoy Kinosaki Onsen, a Japanese hot spring town


Japanese Tonbo-Dama glass bead making in Kinosaki Onsen

50 minutes


Lampwork Tonbo-dama bead making workshop 2,300円 per person.

This workshop is at the Ebisu Mingei Shop in hot spring town Kinosaki Onsen.
Choose your favorite colored glass and pattern, then melt the glass with a burner turning it into an original accessory.
First-timers are welcome. We will carefully explain the process and give you plenty of support as you work so that you can relax and enjoy the charm of the glass.
【Process outline】
1) Choose 1 thicker glass rod for the base.
2) Decide on a pattern and choose 3 colors of thinner rods.
3) Roll the glass into a pattern as you melt it with the burner.
4) Wait about 30 minutes for the glass to cool.
5) Choose your accessory parts while you wait.
6) Once it has cooled remove it from the stick.
7) Assemble and complete your accessory.
8) Take a photo together with your original accessory as a wonderful memento.

Experience Details

Date & Time
Workshops available from August 2, 2023
50 minutes
Price / Rate
Lampwork Tonbo-dama bead making workshop 2,300円 per person.
Number of Applicants
Minimum Number of Participants: 1
Maximum Number of Participants: 2
Meeting Location
Ebisu Mingei Shop
Yushima 440, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
About Cancellation Fees
Up to 4 days before - No charge
From 1~3 days before - 50% charge
On the day - 100% charge
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